Deflation? What Deflation? Girl Scouts Adjusting for Cookie INFLATION

Deflation? What Deflation? Girl Scouts Adjusting for Cookie INFLATION

As our Fed prints money to battle this current “deflationary spiral”, the economically pragmatic Girl Scouts are bracing their sales force for the very real effects of inflation.

Here are some “Fingertip Facts for Girls and Families” listed on the Girl Scouts website, so these brave girls can educate their neighbors about the very real effects of inflation on Girl Scout Cookies.

A decision by Girl Scouting
• The national Girl Scouting office said it was okay to change the weight of some licensed Girl Scout
cookie packages.
• Rising costs of food and gas have made baking cookies more expensive.

It costs more to make a cookie than it did one year ago
• You probably know that your family’s grocery bill is rising. The same is true for the bakery’s food bill for
ingredients like flour, baking oils and cocoa.
• It’s expensive to fill a car’s gas tank nowadays. Imagine the cost of filling the tanks of all the trucks that transport ingredients and deliver baked cookies.

Some things never change
• The taste is as great as always!
• The average consumer is still expected to buy 2-4 packages according to national consumer insights research.
• The number one reason consumers do not buy Girl Scout cookies is simply because they are not asked.

Why the new sizes are the right sizes
• Even if money is tight, consumers want to support you! Share your goal with customers when asking themto buy Girl Scout cookies.

What if a customer asks: Is this cookie package smaller?
• Always tell the truth. Here’s a great way you might respond:
Yes, the packages are a little smaller. That’s because the cost of baking cookies has gone up along with food and gas prices. Of course, the delicious taste of your favorite Girl Scout cookie is exactly the same!

Brett again – I’m wondering if some of the TARP funds could have been better spent subsidizing girl scout cookies. These tasty delights were already quite expensive!

We’ll let CBM readers weigh in – has anyone bought the “newly sized” Girl Scout Cookie Box this year?