Buying Cheap Put Options While Volatility Is Low

Buying Cheap Put Options While Volatility Is Low

In today’s Growth Stock Wire, trader extraordinaire Jeff Clark takes a look at the use of Bollinger Bands in making trading decisions.

Bollinger Bands don’t tell you which direction the stock is headed, but as the bands pinch closer together, they’re warning a large move is on the way.

This is the best time to be a buyer of options. Call and put options are relatively cheap because the implied volatility is so low.

As volatility expands, the stock is using up the stored energy. When the Bollinger Bands spread abnormally far apart, they’re warning the stock is headed for a period of consolidation.

Today, Clark points out, the market’s Bollinger Bands are as tight as they’ve been all year. Which makes sense, as the broader market has been range trading for quite a bit.
So, the next move may be a very sharp one. It may not be a bad time to pick up some cheap puts.