Blog Post Used as Evidence in Unemployment Hearing!

Blog Post Used as Evidence in Unemployment Hearing!

Apparently my former employer is a loyal reader of Blogging the Commodity Bull Market – they presented a former blog post of mine as evidence in my unemployment hearing today!

I’m not exactly sure what kind of insight they thought could be gleaned from this passage:

On a personal note, I recently left my job (this is a very good thing) – so for your added entertainment, my futures account will also serve as my sole source of income for the time being, as soon as I run through my relatively meager savings. C’mon grains – Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!!!

What a kick seeing one of these posts pulled out in a formal appeals court. Not only was it hilarious, but it did flash me back to a happier time – before the global economy rolled over, taking commodities with it!

For the record, the judge did not ask for disclosure on my current positions – long Japanese Yen, and short Soybeans 🙂