Input Needed for Upcoming Presentation: Investing in a Risk On / Risk Off World

Input Needed for Upcoming Presentation: Investing in a Risk On / Risk Off World

Dear reader, we need your input!

Our friend and frequent guest author Glenn Cohen has kindly reached out to me to offer up a complimentary presentation webinar that will highlight the risk on / risk off tactical investing strategies being employed by leading hedge funds today.  I attended a similar presentation put on by these guys in Q4 and found the information to be very good (and their outlook to be fairly spot on as well).  Here’s the synopsis:

Tactical Global Macro Investing in Risk On/ Risk Off World

As a result of markets changing from “Risk On” to “Risk Off” sometimes within a matter of days and months it has become essential to develop a tactical approach to investing as an alternative to the outdated buy and hold mentality. 300 North Capital LLC has established itself as a world-class tactical investor as a result of their +44% performance in the first 22 months of their tactical long-short global macro fund. Glenn Cohen will explain their tactical investment process and how he uses short-term and long-term business and economic cycles to determine market direction and timing. Glenn will also outline the most serious challenges facing the global economy and their likely impact on financial markets and major asset classes.

I promised to gauge interest in this type of event before we went ahead and set it up.  So if you’re interested in us doing this, please either “Like” this post, or leave a comment below.  You can also email me directly.