Chart: Overbought Market Indicated by Momentum Oscillators

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Anecdotally you probably believe that this market is pretty overbought – here’s some convincing further evidence, presented by technician Carl Swenlin.  It’s not a guarantee of price declines, but as Swenlin mention, it should be a reason to exercise caution on the long side of this market… Very Overbought Market by Carl Swenlin One of […]

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Courtesy of our friend and frequent guest writer Sy Harding, here’s his 2011 economic and stock market outlook.  Regular readers know that Sy usually errs on the side of caution, so like me, you may be a bit surprised to see him casting his lot with the bullish forecast camp – though he does not […]

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Robert Prechter likes to make his media appearances when he senses a potential market turn is at hand.  Recently, he joined the hosts at Yahoo Tech Ticker to talk about indicators that may be flashing some big warning signs for the stock market. Of course since this interview, the market has gone only up – […]

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