Why the Dollar Probably Bottomed Last Week

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It’s pretty tough to find investors who are bullish on the US dollar these days. Judging from our dollar sentiment survey results last week, it seems like most dollar bulls probably read this blog! When I consider: Not a day goes by without an investment newsletter popping into my email Inbox that highlights the dollar’s […]

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What can you learn from tracking the holdings of the great hedge fund managers? Plenty! Today we’ve got a special treat – part 2 of our interview with Jay from MarketFolly. Jay tracks the specific holdings of top hedge fund and money managers on his site, helping readers glean important bits of investment insight from […]

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How Low is Dollar Sentiment? Not as low as I expected, according to an ad hoc reader survey we conducted this week. Earlier in the week, I read that the percentage of dollar bulls was reported to be under 10%, indicating that the dollar may be setup for another long, powerful rally – with sentiment […]

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