Why the Latest Disappointing Unemployment Numbers Do Not Matter

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Sy Harding takes a look at the disappointing unemployment numbers – and shares why they are irrelevant when it comes to forecasting. —- The Dismal Jobs Report Is Not Important Being Street Smart Sy Harding January 8, 2011 Another month – another disappointment in the employment picture. But it doesn’t matter!  The economic recovery continues. […]

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There are so many economic indicators being published weekly that it’s very easy to get distracted and lost.  Which of them really matter?  Which are actual leading indicators – and which are trailing ones, reporting old news from six months ago? Here’s a great column by Forbes columnist Bert Dohmen, who makes the case that […]

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Our pal Brian Hunt has been doing an excellent job of finding favorite economic indicators that are surprisingly breaking out, rather than down. Last week, Brian noted that Dr. Copper was surging, despite the overall gloomy economic outlook: While you can barely watch a minute of financial television without hearing about horrid unemployment numbers, gloomy […]

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