Germany Debt Downgraded by Egan Jones

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Is Europe’s Atlas beginning to shrug at the weight of the continent’s collective sovereign debt?  Courtesy of John Mauldin’s Weekly Letter: Speaking of downgrades, Egan Jones downgraded Germany from AA to AA- and put the country on negative watch. This is important, as this is what I believe to be the most credible rating agency; […]

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You’ve got to see it to believe it – Bernanke cites rising stock prices as evidence that QE2 was a success! Thus confirming what us armchair observers had suspected – the Fed is dedicated to keeping the stock market propped up – dollar and inflation be damned. John Mauldin had a great take on this […]

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Quick – what’s the current P/E ratio of the S&P 500? Standing in line today at lunch, waiting for my chicken pita, I was checking Wall Street’s closing numbers on my Android, reading about how stocks haven’t been this cheap since the early 90’s – and thought whhhhhat? The S&P price to earnings multiple is […]

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