Greg Weldon Interview(s): Europe a Forest Fire, Turbulence Ahead

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Here’s a three-fer from Greg Weldon, who’s on a roll these days sharing his negative outlook on Europe, Japan, and the rest of the developed world. First, here’s Weldon with Jim Puplava on the Financial Sense Newshour, where he says Europe has turned into a “forest fire” and Japan is the next major problem area. […]

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Faber’s interviews with Jim Puplava are the absolute best, in my opinion.  A few minutes is far too constraining for a mind like Faber’s – give the man some room to run! And Puplava does, with a 50+ minute interview that absolutely flies by.  Faber tells all in this one, sharing his thoughts on QE3, […]

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Energy guru James Dines thinks that uranium is a screaming buy right now – the buy of a lifetime, in fact.  Here’s his analysis, which he shared with Financial Sense’s Jim Puplava. I think it’s one of the great profit opportunities available right now and I’ll explain why. The announcement that Germany’s going to close […]

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