Mortgage Lenders Aren’t Gonna Take It…Anymore!

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Channeling Dee Snyder – Mortgage lenders say they’re not gonna take it…anymore. Here in Northern California, we’ve been housing outcasts for awhile. We were weirdos for renting throughout the housing boom. Now, we’re weirdos for a different reason – we’re not walking away from our mortgage. It’s the latest trend, and it’s getting hotter. Why […]

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The WSJ reports that option adjustable-rate mortgages (Option ARMs) are taking the torch of the housing disaster from subprime mortgages. Yes, the circle of death rolls on in the US housing market – what started as a subprime fiasco is evolving into a more inclusive party, with Option ARMs rolling up, kegs and cigars in […]

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Seems like just yesterday that subprime loans were blowing up like the last few seconds of a batch of microwave popcorn.  Pop-pop-pop…now you see them now you don’t…keys in the mailbox, see ya later, Mr. Lender.  That loan is now your problem. The good news is that the bulk of the subprime loans have reset […]

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