Gary Schilling’s Latest Outlook on Deflation, Unemployment, and Consumer Spending

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Yahoo Tech Ticker just interviewed Gary Schilling, one of our “high priests” of deflation.  Schilling has been right there along with Bob Prechter in calling for deflation many years before it became fashionable.  And like Prechter, he’s getting to be quite the popular dude now that his predictions are coming to fruition. In this first […]

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The deflation camp may not be well populated, but I have to say that I really dig the few economists and analysts that are sympathetic to the deflation argument.  Perhaps it’s just because we all smoke the same lettuce – but I prefer to think there’s more to it than that 🙂 One of our […]

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It’s looking more and more apparent by the day that deflation is returning to the financial markets – and with a vengeance. Yes sir, deflation is back – it’s out to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and apparently it has just run out of gum! The reflation trade is being exposed as the fraud we […]

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