An Update on the Rough Rice Trade – Moving Stops Up

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We’ve seen a lot of mustard on the price action in rough rice since we initiated our long May 2011 futures position – but for all that, we are just about where we started: Which, actually, is perfectly fine with me.  Since I generally use a 15-day low as my stop on these trades, a […]

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So far, so good on that “long rice” trade – always a good sign when your position is the only green on the screen! Today was a forgettable one for most grains – but rice stood tall amidst the apathy. (Source: For some background on our rough rice trade… The favorable supply/demand fundamentals The […]

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Repeat after me: “They are still all the same markets!” There’s the US Dollar – and then there’s everything else.  And the dollar, just days after QE2 was announced, turned up in sharp fashion.  Some final nail in the coffin that was! It appears this is STILL the only chart we need to watch. (Source: […]

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