The Dangerous Negative Feedback Loop of Global Balance Sheet Recessions

The Dangerous Negative Feedback Loop of Global Balance Sheet Recessions

If you were hoping Santa would bring a thorough analysis of the worldwide debt crisis, along with a thoughtful economic and investment outlook for 2012, have we got an early Christmas present for you!

Our friend and regular contributor, financial analyst Glenn Cohen, has been kind enough to share his confidential December 2011 Cohen Plan monthly report with us today.  It’s an excellent piece, filled with statistics, charts, and historical references about the ongoing – and worsening – global debt crisis.  Pollyannas beware – this hard slap of reality should have you reaching for the egg nog!

You are welcome to read and download a copy of this report.


The Dangerous Negative Feedback Loop

Global Balance Sheet RecessionsGlenn Cohen

by Glenn Cohen, Founder and CEO, The Cohen Investment Plan

December 2011 Cohen Plan Monthly Report

Glenn Cohen, Founder and CEO of Cohen Investment Strategies Inc. is a student of the financial markets and is extremely passionate about understanding how global risk, global macro economics, and fiscal and monetary policy can affect the prices of a variety of asset classes including equities, commodities, precious metals, and currencies.

As a result of his study, Mr. Cohen has created the proprietary Cohen Global Risk Index. The Cohen Global Risk Index uses all of the top tools that hedge funds use, the thinking of top financial minds, and over 350 data points to create a simple and practical risk index on a 1 to 5 scale. 1 indicates advancing markets and a fully invested portfolio while 5 warns of crisis and creates an asset protection plan.

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