Where The “Big Money” is Buying Homes

Where The “Big Money” is Buying Homes

The Atlanta Fed issued a chart illustrating where the “big money” is laying down cash for US homes – namely the areas that were hit the hardest by the bust (Arizona, California, Nevada, Atlanta).

I know there are hedge funds buying up tracts of homes here in Sacramento, as I have a friend who was just hired by a So Cal hedge fund to identify investment properties in the Sacramento region.  Their target, like the buyers highlighted in the Fed study, is roughly in the $100K – $140K range.  It seems like at these prices and below, you have a lot of properties that cash flow.

CI favorite Marc Faber – who usually plays the role of Papa Permabear – has even been citing US housing as an attractive potential buy for much of this year.

Of course regular readers are already keyed into my personal flip on the housing situation – more details to come on a potential buy in the works!