Analyst Consensus: Wildly Bullish on Gold for ’12

Analyst Consensus: Wildly Bullish on Gold for ’12

Analysts agree – they’re wildly bullish on gold!  From Hard Assets Investor:

The analyst community remains overwhelmingly bullish when it comes to gold in 2012. Respected precious metals consultant GFMS came out Tuesday with its call for $2000/oz gold within the next year.

“Concern over nearly all currencies’ long-term value remains acute, and this includes the dollar, which to a large extent has found favor simply as the ‘least bad’ option, especially in light of growing fear over the break-up of the euro zone,” the firm said.

But while GFMS is bullish this year, it is bearish thereafter, saying: “… the gold market is nearing the closing stages of its decade-long bull run and, once the macroeconomic backdrop changes and investment in gold fades — probably sometime next year — a secular retreat in the price will unfurl.”

That’s quite a controversial view. Indeed, most analysts remain bullish on gold for the foreseeable future. Goldman Sachs has a 12-month target price for gold of $1940.

“Our view on gold is driven by our view on underlying real interest rates,” Goldman said. “It is the sharp drop in price that makes it more attractive.”

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My understanding is that both Marc Faber and Felix Zulauf are cautious on gold in the near term…and I believe both like sub-$1500 gold as an opportunity to add.  Today we closed at $1667 – and with Obama still speaking as I type, a white swan event for real money is only a blunder away.

gold price chart February 2012

While analysts fawn over gold, the barbaric relic traces out a series of lower lows and lower highs.