Romney’s Debate Dominance Continues…Says Degenerate Gamblers

Romney’s Debate Dominance Continues…Says Degenerate Gamblers

With a Game 7 NLCS game and Monday Night Football on tap, I caught roughly 8 aggregate seconds of last night’s debate (total transit time flipping between games on my hotel room TV).

But thanks to the magic of Intrade – and the degenerates around the world who place real money on the US election outcome – we can step outside the spin zone to see that the smart money says Romney won again last night.  The House of Bain is up another two points this morning, with Obama down an equivalent amount.

Obama Romney Post-Debate IntradeRomney’s bull market rolls on. (Source: Intrade)

The “blow off top” in Obama’s odds – and corresponding crash in Romney’s – that reversed almost at the moment Obama opened his mouth in the initial debate are quite stark.  BO would likely have been better served to skip the debate entirely!

The good news for the President is that the debates are now over – and although the polls are reporting this a dead heat, the real money is still betting on him repeating in two weeks.