Jim Rogers: Spanish Bailout is Ridiculous

Jim Rogers: Spanish Bailout is Ridiculous

No surprise here, Jim Rogers is not a big fan of Europe’s largest bailout to date.  Today he was a guest on CNBC’s Fast Money – here are the links and videos themselves:

On the Spain bailout: “The solution to too much debt is not more debt!”

Also, he notes he’s not buying Chinese shares at the moment (prefers to buy them after a crash).  And says the world should be far more concerned about the economies in the US and Europe, not China, because the Chinese economy is still much smaller in relative terms.

On agriculture: “The world is running out of farmers.”  More students in the US study public relations than agriculture.

When pinned for a specific soft commodity to buy, he said he owns them all (presumably via his own index), as he believes they are all depressed across the board.

Since Jim is not really allowed to make picks, I’ll go ahead and suggest cotton as a soft commodity to keep an eye on.

Hat tip Dad for the heads up on Rogers’ TV appearence!