Jim Rogers on Silver, Ag, China, and Emerging Markets

Jim Rogers on Silver, Ag, China, and Emerging Markets

Two new Jim Rogers interviews hit the wires this week.  The first, courtesy of Mineweb, saw Rogers cite the current commodity pullback as nothing more than a blip in the broader bull market:

This is nothing more than a blip. The bull market will continue until a lot of supply comes on stream and the problems since 2008 ensure not a lot of supply is coming on stream.

Rogers added that he likes silver more than gold at this point, as silver is farther away from its all time highs.  He also anticipates China will begin to ease again. which could lead to another increase in inflation and real estate excesses in the Chinese economy.

Source – Mineweb: Jim Rogers on recent commodity downturn

Silver, on cue, has broken out to the upside:silver price chart September 2012Silver breaks out (via StockCharts.com)

Next, India’s Economic Times asked Rogers for his take on QE3, emerging markets, and commodities.  Notable points from the interview:

  • He believes the Fed’s potential announcement of QE3 is not important, as they are already printing money (as seen via the Fed’s balance sheet)
  • Rogers is short India
  • He reiterated his preference for silver over gold (though he is buying neither at the moment)
  • He anticipates that agricultural commodities will be the best performers in the sector

Source – Economic Times: Jim Rogers Short India, Expects More Trouble in Eurozone

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