Jim Rogers is Short “Most” Emerging Markets

Jim Rogers is Short “Most” Emerging Markets

In an interview with The Economic Times, Jim Rogers said he’s short “most” emerging markets via the indices:

Jim Rogers: I am still short on India. You all should stop calling me up because I am still short India. Yes I love India as the most wonderful country in the world to visit as a tourist, but I am still short India. You have got serious problems there. Governments are always making mistakes. Much is I love the country. I am short on other emerging markets as well. I am short on many emerging markets.

ET Now: Within the Indian market, what are you short on? Are you short on index or are you short on some specific group of stocks?

Jim Rogers: No, I am short on the index. I am short on the index in emerging markets everywhere — Brazil, Indonesia, most emerging markets.

BSE India Bonbay Sensex Index 2012 price chart

It’s a bear market in India – and Jimmy Rogers has been short for the ride down.

Source: StockCharts.com

Rogers continued though that he’s not ultra-bearish on 2012, as there are 40 elections happening around the world.  He expects the US and others to print money in order to get re-elected.

“There are 40 elections in 2012. Everybody is going to do their best to get us through the election. Watch out for 2013.”

If the money printing kicks up in earnest, he likes commodities to get rolling.

You can read Jim Rogers’ full interview with The Economic Times here.