Jim Rogers’ “Best Investment Opp in the World Right Now”

Jim Rogers’ “Best Investment Opp in the World Right Now”

Jim Rogers shared with the Myanmar Times that he believed their country was “probably the best investment opportunity in the world right now”.

“In 1962, Burma was the richest country in Asia. Then they closed and [now] it is the poorest. They are doing the same thing China did. In 1978 China, which had been closed, said, ‘Look, this isn’t working’. I have seen this many times in many countries.”

Mr Rogers said the lack of telecommunications, only 4 percent of the population owns a mobile phone and SIM cards cost more than US$250, an outdated and underfunded healthcare system and a shortage of sufficient hotels for tourists, represent just a fraction of the possibilities.

“Everything,” said Mr Rogers when asked about which sectors appeared prime for investment, “everything has opportunity, you name it. There are staggering opportunities in anything you can think of.”

You can read Rogers’ full interview with the Myanmar Times here.

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