Jim Rogers Actively Shorting Stocks, Waiting on Gold

Jim Rogers Actively Shorting Stocks, Waiting on Gold

Another good Jim Rogers interview courtesy of our friends at Hard Assets Investor.  Jim shared that he is currently short stocks – in particular emerging markets and Europe:

Ludwig: What are you short right now?

Rogers: I’m short stocks.

Ludwig: Is that a broad type of shorting—say, index—or are you short particular sectors?

Rogers: Broad-brush strokes—ETFs—like emerging markets; I’m short Europe.

And he’s waiting on gold:

Ludwig: So, in all this, what does gold look like? The rally’s still on, but it’s in a bit of a hiatus?

Rogers: Gold went up 11 years in a row, which is very unusual. I’ve never known any asset to go up 11 years in a row without a correction. It’s having a correction now. I would suspect that the correction will continue for a while. I’m not any good at market timing, but I’m not buying any gold at the moment. But if it goes down, I hope I’m smart enough to buy more—a lot more. I’m not selling my gold.

Full article at HAI: Jim Rogers Shorting Stocks While Waiting on Gold’s Sidelines