Hugh Hendry Emerges – Retroactively – For New Interview

Hugh Hendry Emerges – Retroactively – For New Interview

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from favorite Hugh Hendry…in fact he’s so far under the radar these days that his new commentary is six months old when it finally hits the streets!

Here’s a 20-min clip of Hendry (via the Big Picture) discussing the Chinese economic mirage (in his view), Japanese deflation, gold and more at The Economist’s Buttonwood Gathering last October 25th.

His outlook has not changed much since we heard it live in December 2011.  I hope he hasn’t maintained a bullish position on the yen throughout the rollout of Abenomics!

I also enjoyed his comment on gold mining stocks at the end – he explains why there is no scenario in which you should own them.

Hat tip JL for sending this over!

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