The Official Obama Jobs Speech Drinking Game

The Official Obama Jobs Speech Drinking Game

Provided courtesy of our boy and frequent guest, Andy Kessler – he actually refers to it as a scorecard, but we know what Andy really means 🙂

Below is a handy-dandy guide for President Obama’s September 8 Jobs Speech so you can score at home. Put a check mark next to announced programs – win valuable prizes.

  1. Climb poles for wireless – every streetlight can be a wireless access point, let’s get workers climbing poles to build a new wireless infrastructure
  2. Dig fiber ditches – solve the bandwidth constraint by hiring workers to dig ditches to bring fiber to every neighborhood and home
  3. Sequence proteins – and identify cancer signatures to enable early detection of disease, especially expensive to treat cancer
  4. Lighten backpacks – scan textbooks and issue Kindles or the like, so that 5th graders have 20 pounds less to carry on their backs

Get the full scorecard/drinking game at!

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