Deflation Still In Control of NBA Ticket Prices

Deflation Still In Control of NBA Ticket Prices

Gold and commodities may be way up this year, but NBA ticket prices are down for the second consecutive year. reports:

The sports business outlet Team Marketing Report said Wednesday the average price of a nonpremium seat dropped 2.5 percent to $48. That followed a 2.8 percent decrease last season.

The Los Angeles Lakers have the highest average at $95 following a 2.1 percent rise. The NBA champions are followed by New York at $89, Boston at $69 and Chicago at $64.

Memphis is last at $23 after a 3.9 percent drop, and Washington is at $25 after a 9.9 percent decrease.

Detroit dropped prices 10 percent to $43.

With all the stimulus funds sloshing around DC, I’d have expected the Wizards on the other side of the ledger…but there are of course other external factors.

So we continue to see deflation in things people want, inflation in things people need.