Sprott Resource Corp: The Investing Case for Agriculture

Sprott Resource Corp: The Investing Case for Agriculture

Tomorrow, I’ll post some latest thoughts regarding inflation and deflation (thanks to reader Dave who rattled my cage on this).  Here’s a small preview – when it comes to agriculture, the price trend looks destined to stay up, no matter what happens with the global economy.

I’m attacking the agriculture investment story with renewed vigor.  From 2004 through 2008, I had looked very hard at the fundamentals of each member of the ag complex.  Unfortunately, I used too much leverage, and gave back much of my profits in 2008.  Oh well, lesson learned!

I’ve been very impressed in my initial re-dive into ag, as the story actually appears MORE bullish now than it did a few years ago.  Here’s a short slide deck from Sprott Resources Corp. that makes the case for ag in a convincing, concise fashion.

Sprott Resource Corp – The Time is Ripe: Investing in Agriculture

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