Signs of Life in Muni Bonds – Dead Cat Bounce on Tap?

Signs of Life in Muni Bonds – Dead Cat Bounce on Tap?

Regular readers know that we abhor muni bonds as much as anyone.  But my interest has recently been piqued by calls for short-term rallies from sharp guys like David Rosenberg and Steve Sjuggerud, who have cited the market as oversold due to the abrupt end of the Build America Bonds program.

A somewhat misleading Bloomberg headline reads: Investors Pull Assets From Muni Bonds for 14th Straight Week.  But diving into the article, we see the news is actually more bullish than bearish for munis:

The redemptions were the least that investors made since the week ended Dec. 8. Outflows have totaled $25.8 billion since mid-November, according to Lipper, a Denver-based research company.

“We see it headed in the right direction,” said Matt Dalton, chief executive officer of Belle Haven Investments Inc. in White Plains, New York, who oversees about $600 million in municipal assets. “The fact that you’re seeing it dwindle is a good sign.”

Source: Bloomberg

And the chart of good old MUB appears to concur that a short term bottom has been found:

MUB Muni Bond chart March 2011The situation has gone from bad, to less bad in munis. (Source:

Going long munis would be a contrarian play if there ever was one.  While the long term outlook is miserable, the short term could be bright as this situation goes from really bad, to less bad.

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