Coffee Breakout – Off to the Races?

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Note: This article has been published by Seeking Alpha. Coffee futures are not my favorite to trade. They’re so volatile that it’s tough to distinguish a true breakout from noise. Hopefully for me (I went long the Dec contract today), this move has more legs than the head fake from June: Taking a step back, […]

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A review of trades from the week that was: Covered my Soybean Short – beans rallied, along with the rest of the grains. Closed this out at a loss. And a good thing too – the grains markets continue to rally strong, even into the Asian session this evening. I can’t make heads or tails […]

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Buy. Or hold – and buy when the uptrend resumes. Sure this correction hurts. But corrections happen, and gold/silver were going parabolic for a bit – and anything that goes parabolic corrects eventually. For a big picture view – let’s turn off CNBC and review the facts. First, let’s discuss all of the fundamentals that […]

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, relief at last – that’s me, pissing away the last of my 2008 gains. Glad we got that out of the way. Tuesday I was feeling really smart, and bought a mini-silver contract at the bargain price of $15. Unfortunately nobody told me that the bargains were going to get even better! I sold […]

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Took some more cash out this week to pay a credit card, and also pump some more cash into our startup. Well, my hopes/dreams for ’08 being a banner year I think are officially in the tank. Earlier in the year, I was hoping I could keep running up the account, and essentially use it […]

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