Mainstream Media Gives Silver Some Dap – Signs of Short Term Top?

Mainstream Media Gives Silver Some Dap – Signs of Short Term Top?

I saw a mini-contrarian signal for silver in today’s edition of Help a Reporter Out – an email publication devoted to connecting journalists with qualified sources.

Not to pick on in particular – but what the heck.  When they are writing about an investment theme, we should probably cast a skeptical eye towards it…


Summary: Investing in silver

Name: Constance Gustke (

Category: Business and Finance


Media Outlet:

Deadline: 12:00 PM EST – 15 March


For a story on investing in silver for, I’m looking
for sources who can talk about the best investment vehicles
(stocks, metals, etc.), risks/rewards etc. of silver.

  • Brett, I actually spoke to her yesterday. I had written a reply to her query. Once she found out I was a broker/dealer, she said she couldn’t use my help because of perceived bias. She, as a journalist, went so far as to say she disagrees with me (I’m used to it as I was critiquing financial advisors and their adherence to what proper diversification meant as I was one of them for 20 years).

    I then wrote an article yesterday; “Why The Price Of Gold Could Move Lower Short Term”

    Contrarian or not because of her query, the data spoke to me that caution was warranted. Gold down over $40 and silver over $2 as I type…

    I’ll be happy to send you a copy of my book to see if you agree with my critique of financial advisors and my economic outlook. Let me know…

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