Romney’s Debate Dominance Continues…Says Degenerate Gamblers

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Many readers are familiar with Stratfor’s George Friedman, who is excellent at peering into the geopolitical considerations of nation-states.  With the world approaching a full blown multi-dimensional crisis, Friedman takes a look at the political drivers and concerns of the three major players – the US, Europe, and China. The current economic crisis is best understood […]

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In my book, Stratfor’s George Friedman is THE best at geopolitical analysis – he always pieces together the global picture masterfully.  Here’s his take on the emerging energy crisis in Japan, which we are fortunate enough to republish here… Japan, the Persian Gulf and Energy By George Friedman, Founder of Stratfor Over the past week, […]

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Here’s an interesting take on the lasting effects of WikiLeaks from geopolitical expert George Friedman, Founder of Stratfor. I go on and off with my subscription to Stratfor – they give excellent insights into geopolitics, taking a game theory approach to determine what actions the various actors will take. While I’m not currently a subscriber, […]

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Great article by Barry Ritholtz on his blog, The Big Picture: I once again find myself lamenting the opportunities wasted by a US President in response to a great cataclysm. In the case of President Obama, it was his response to the financial crisis. The opportunity for greatness presented itself, and was . . . […]

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Here’s a great look at the upcoming midterm election by geopolitical expert George Friedman at Stratfor.  It’s an excellent service that takes a look at geopolitical situations around the globe, and breaks down the likely actions of various parties. George does their best stuff, in my opinion, and I was glad that they allowed us […]

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Hi, I’m Brett Owens – and I’m a financial junkie. My “problem” started incollege, when I got a little dose of the stock market – man, was I hooked…in no time, I was reading the Wall Street Journal religously.

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