Coal vs Shale Gas: The Race (to the Bottom) for American Energy Supremacy

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While we’ve all been paying attention to the recent abundance in natural gas, coal demand and prices have quietly dropped – quite significantly – as a result.  There is an interesting dynamic going on in these markets.  Like bad high school friends, they are keeping each other down at every potential advance!  Our energy guru […]

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As energy expert Marin Katusa weighed in earlier in the week, it’s going to get ugly in the natural gas sector, as companies are going to be forced to write down their reserves to reflect the ugly realities of $2 natty.  So which natural gas stocks should you look to sell…or even short?  Marin weighs […]

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The bloodbath in natural gas is about to carry over to the stock prices of producers, writes our energy expert Marin Katusa.  While the price of “the natty” as already been hammered, the reserves of natural gas companies have not yet been sufficiently written down to reflect the new bargain basement price levels.  When that […]

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Last week on Frank Curzio’s S&A Investor Podcast, Porter Stansberry predicted that the current flood of natural gas to the market would drive the price of oil down below $40 per barrel.  Respected energy analyst Marin Katusa of Casey Research begged to differ – and offered up this rebuttal, which I’m republishing for you here. […]

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There are a growing number of fracking “haters” since the film Gasland came out last year.  Does the NIMBY crowd have a beef, or is there some known science being conveniently ignored?  Our energy guru Marin Katusa explains the process of fracking… Don’t Frack Me Up By Marin Katusa, Casey Research To many walking the […]

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Jim Chanos’ short of ExxonMobil is indicative of the bullish fundamentals that lie ahead for natural gas, according to Frank Curzio…because Exxon needs to replace its reserves somehow: And just last month, he (Chanos) discussed his bearish stance on ExxonMobil: “ExxonMobil will not be able to replace its reserves.” You see, ExxonMobil isn’t the only one having […]

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