Low Acreage Propels Cotton "Limit Up"

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The smallest acreage for cotton in 26 years has propelled the fluffy material “limit up” for the day, in what amounted to almost a delayed reaction from traders, as cotton was initially down yesterday when the report came out. Likely due to the weakness shown by the other grains. You’d think that with cotton supplies […]

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The folks at Reason TV recently put together an excellent 8-minute video about agricultural subsidies in America, from their roots in the Great Depression, to their effects today on commodity prices and economies around the world. As a commodities trader and/or investor, it’s extremely important for you to be familiar with these subsidies. I should […]

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Cotton put in a strong effort today – up 1.21, on a day when many of the softs were down – so I perused the short and long term charts for May futures. Looks like cotton definitely has put in a double bottom, which is usually seen as a bullish indicator, and is rallying off […]

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On Monday, the USDA released it’s agriculture supply and demand projections, which sent grains “limit down” for the day across the board, and many of the softs down sharply as well. That proved to be the worst of it – as grains slowly recovered during the week as the market digested the news, finishing the […]

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Chris Mayer writes in Agora Financial’s Rude Awakening that the global food supply problem is more acute than ever before, as a result of the current financial crisis. This is something we’ve been discussing here of late. Farmers cannot get basic loans for fertilizer. Forget about new capital investments. And this all happening with world […]

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A USDA cotton report looks neutral in terms of cotton acreage. Traders have been poring over the report, looking for indications that the cotton crop will get the cold shoulder in lieu of higher priced grains. I agree – that’s what ‘should’ happen. Though I’m waiting for a breakout (20-day high) in the cotton market […]

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