Weekly Positions Update – 10/07/07

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Date Position Qty Month/Yr Contract Strike Call/Put Entry Price Last Price Profit/Loss Market Value Action 10/03/07 Long 1 DEC 07 Australian Dlr 0.8820 0.8945 $1,250.00 09/24/07 Long 1 DEC 07 Cotton 66.00 63.25 ($1,375.00) 01/22/07 Long 1 DEC 08 Cotton 63.00 72.21 $4,605.00 04/16/07 Long 1 DEC 08 Cotton 64.50 72.21 $3,855.00 10/05/07 Long 1 […]

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Huh? OK, OK I know – it’s not a commodity. But it is a commodity currency, and one that the folks over at the Daily Pfennig are bullish on. Chris Gaffney believes it could soon achieve parity with the US dollar. And I love the statement by Treasurer Peter Costello (courtesy of the Daily Pfennig) […]

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Anyone out there ever trade Tantalum? Agora’s Kevin Kerr is bullish on this obscure metal. My brokerage account doesn’t have contracts available to trade – just curious if anyone out there has experience.

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Commodities (and foreign currencies) are down across the board, as the dollar has bounced sharply up the last 2 days. I think this was overdue – there are always corrections after such sharp moves, and the dollar has been taken to the woodshed hard since Bernanke caved. If you invest in commodities on fundamentals, nothing […]

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I picked up another coffee contract yesterday on the pullback – I think this provides a nice buying opportunity. The Dec contracts are currently trading at 128.85. Every interview that Jim Rogers gives now, he seems to toss out these three commodities as the current buying opportunities:* coffee* cotton* sugar I would take a hard […]

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I just picked up one more cotton contract this morning – this crop is poised perfectly for a big rally quite soon. Remember that often these four crops share soil:* wheat* corn* soybeans* cotton The first 3 are at all-time highs right now. So it’s clear that cotton will continue to be neglected further in […]

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