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In today’s DailyWealth, Tom Dyson makes the case for much higher grain prices in the future. According to Tom, here are the inflation adjusted highs for the grains (hit in 1947): Soybeans: $37.86 Corn: $26.03 Wheat: $29.25 Considering that during a bull market, nearly everything hits a new all-time high – these could have some […]

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For those readers not quite ready to open a futures account, here’s a good alternative option for you. UBS announced today that they are launching a new index that will focus on food inflation. Needless to say, this index would have produced very nice returns over the past 5 years – and I think the […]

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From Agora’s 5 Min Forecast: “The cotton market has been very depressed the last few years due to high carryover stocks and lower global demand. All that may be changing. Farmers in key cotton-growing states are rejecting the idea of continuing to grow cotton and are opting for more profitable crops that have lower input […]

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