Weekly Positions Update – 5/11/08

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Open Positions Date Position Qty Month/Yr Contract Strike Call/Put Entry Price Last Price Profit/Loss 04/15/08 Long 2 JUL 08 Corn 605 628 1/2 $2,350.00 04/29/08 Long 1 OCT 08 Live Cattle 103.850 107.050 $1,280.00 04/30/08 Long 1 OCT 08 Live Cattle 104.350 107.050 $1,080.00 05/08/08 Long 1 OCT 08 Live Cattle 105.350 107.050 $680.00 05/09/08 […]

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Same story we’ve been following here. A nice rally in the grains today, and a little bit of life in the softs as well. Can corn continue to break out from here? It’s been rangebound for the past couple of months – I keep thinking that fundamentals will eventually prevail and push corn past the […]

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Hi, I’m Brett Owens – and I’m a financial junkie. My “problem” started incollege, when I got a little dose of the stock market – man, was I hooked…in no time, I was reading the Wall Street Journal religously.

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