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Marc Faber Debates Jim Rogers on China, the Presidential Race, and Bangkok Discos

by Brett on October 5, 2012

Faber starts the interview in his salty Swiss accent asking “Mr. Jimmy Rogers, who has been so bullish on China for years” to defend the 60%+ haircut we’ve seen in the Shanghai index since 2007.

Rogers response?  ”Marc, it’s the middle of the night there – what are you at the disco?  (Laughing)  Where are you?”

Clearly he’s partied with Faber before!

Rogers reiterated his long-term bullish stance on China, adding that he correctly identified Chinese stocks as being in bubble territory in 2007.

When the conversation turned to a more important topic – Bangkok discos – Faber shared that he prefers the lower class variety.  And who can blame the man for searching out the best deal for his baht!

Here’s the full video of the interview, for your enlightenment and amusement:

Hat tip to The Daily Crux, Zero Hedge, and my dad for the heads up on this interview!

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