Another Reason I’m Glad I Don’t Live in Philly – A Tax on Blogging!

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As if people needed another reason to flee Philadelphia – now they’re levying taxes on bloggers! From Philadelphia bloggers were abuzz this week about a citywide move to crack down on citizens running a business without a license — which includes any local bloggers running ads on their sites. The weekly Philadelphia City Paper kicked […]

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The big news on Wall Street today is BHP Bilton’s unsolicited takeover bid for Potash Corp – the world’s largest fertilizer producer.  The bid has Wall Street aflutter that more acquisition bids may be lurking out there (party like it’s 2006!) Potash was a Wall Street favorite during the agricultural commodity boom of 2007-2008.  The […]

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Investors are back to “reaching for yield”, as junk bonds were snapped up last week in record numbers.  The WSJ reports: Corporate borrowers with less than investment-grade ratings sold $15.4 billion in junk bonds this week, a record total for a single week, according to data provider Dealogic. The month-to-date total, $21.1 billion, is especially […]

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A new article in BusinessWeek hails Obama as the new Venture Capitalist-in-Chief. Oh goodie. Meet the country’s venture capitalist-in-chief, President Barack Obama. By the end of 2011, the White House plans to channel more than $50 billion to thousands of clean-technology companies through tax credits, low-interest guaranteed loans, and grants. Add in money for a […]

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For a fresh, different perspective on the markets (from my usual “Doom and Gloom”) – here is some guest commentary from Phil at Phil’s Stock World.  Phil does a very good job at looking at the markets from a fundamental analysis standpoint (and while he rags on the TA crowd in the 1st paragraph, he […]

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The 1st paragraph says it all – from the Wall Street Journal Online (emphasis is mine): President Barack Obama will use an Oval Office address Tuesday night to outline his plans for cleaning up the Gulf oil spill, compensating victims, getting tough on the offshore oil industry and enacting new policies to reduce U.S. oil […]

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