Excellent Jim Chanos Interview: The Psychology of Short Selling & China Outlook

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Here’s a great 15-minute Jim Chanos interview, where he discusses the psychology of short selling, and of course, China. If you’re philosophically inclined, you’re really going to enjoy the intro.  Chanos explains why the majority of life, including financial news and reporting, is a silent drumbeat of positive reinforcement (study hard, get good grades, get […]

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Here’s the latest on Jim Chanos’ favorite short sell ideas, courtesy of Chris Mayer, reporting on Chanos’ presentation from Grant’s Investment Conference. Pay attention here, as Chanos has been on the money of late with a very prescient call on Dell’s swoon.  (See also: Jim Chanos Says Short Dell, China) Three Investment Ideas to Avoid…or […]

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This morning on Bloomberg I caught an interesting Jim Chanos interview – here it is below, along with my notes – in summary, Chanos: Views Petrobras and other national energy companies as “giant ATM machines” for their national governments, as well as patronage job locaters. Thinks the natural gas revolution in the US is for […]

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Jim Chanos’ short of ExxonMobil is indicative of the bullish fundamentals that lie ahead for natural gas, according to Frank Curzio…because Exxon needs to replace its reserves somehow: And just last month, he (Chanos) discussed his bearish stance on ExxonMobil: “ExxonMobil will not be able to replace its reserves.” You see, ExxonMobil isn’t the only one having […]

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