Trading the EPA’s New Emissions Plan…to the Contrary!

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Attention, energy investors! The Obama administration is barking big about carbon emissions… It’s after state-by-state “targets” to reduce carbon emissions from power plants by an average of 17% from current levels… and 30% from 2005 levels. And it wants it done by 2030. The New York Times – of course – LOVED it… Mr. Obama’s […]

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While we’ve all been paying attention to the recent abundance in natural gas, coal demand and prices have quietly dropped – quite significantly – as a result.  There is an interesting dynamic going on in these markets.  Like bad high school friends, they are keeping each other down at every potential advance!  Our energy guru […]

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Hi, I’m Brett Owens – and I’m a financial junkie. My “problem” started incollege, when I got a little dose of the stock market – man, was I hooked…in no time, I was reading the Wall Street Journal religously.

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