A Furlough Friday Rap Video, From Sacramento With Love

A Furlough Friday Rap Video, From Sacramento With Love

“No one owes you anything” – Harry Browne

I’m going to venture that none of the diligent state employees in this Furlough Friday video are big fans of the great Harry Browne.
Try to choke back your tears and laughter if you’re a productive member of society. Nevertheless, we should be on the lookout for increasing instances of this type of social unrest, particularly those who depend on the State for their well being…because the State is broke!

The best part is this quote from the Sacramento Bee:

Two CSU San Marcos employees, singer/songwriter Tiamo De Vettori and Josh Galea’i, have made a rap video about “Furlough Fridays.” In a telephone interview with The State Worker, De Vettori said that he and Galea’i started work on the song and video last October.

6 months to produce this? If they decide to produce a short documentary about the furloughs, I wonder if they could wrap it up by 2019 or thereabouts.