Doug Casey’s Latest Take on Gold, Currencies, and “The Greater Depression”

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Here’s a rare, extended interview with Doug Casey.  For regular Casey followers, there’s not too much new – he still likes gold, though is a bit uncomfortable recommending it at current prices, as he prefers to buy assets when they are dirt cheap. His advice on diversifying yourself internationally is always important for me to […]

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Here’s a fantastic comparison of our current recession with the Great Depression by Doug Casey, who illustrates why broader trends and fundamentals were actually much brighter during the 1930’s and 40’s than they are today… (And if you like Doug’s piece, you should also check out my recent piece:  Comparing the Current Recession/Depression with THE […]

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I know that very few if any of us actually believe the worst is behind us.  There are too many skeletons left in the closet – with massive sovereign debt being possibly the most ominous storm cloud on the horizon. In this guest article, our friend David Galland questions the logic of the mainstream financial […]

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