Steve Keen: QE2 Won’t “Work” Because Debt Deflation Has Reached “Terminal Velocity”

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Steve Keen rocks!  I realize I’m a bit impartial due to my deflationary bias, but I make no apologies for my intellectual man crush on Mr. Keen. If you’re not familiar with Keen’s work (or even if you are), check out this video interview with Max Keiser.  It’s an excellent one, and if you watch […]

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Superstar economist Steve Keen may not blog often as some other folks in finance – but when he does put something together, it’s usually awesome analysis you won’t find anywhere else. Steve’s latest post Deleveraging with a Twist takes a look at the latest deleveraging statistics in the US.  He writes that the US is […]

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Here’s an interesting debt deflation academic paper that our deflationist pal Carson sent along.  It’s written by Steve Keen from University of Western Sydney.  In the paper, Keen compares the debt deflation environment of the 1930’s with today. Abstract: My 1995 paper on modeling Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis concluded with thestatement that its “chaotic dynamics […]

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