The Hindenburg Omen Revealed – What Does it Mean for Stocks?

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The Hindenburg Omen — Omen-ous or Not? Elliott Wave International Chief Market Analyst Steve Hochberg Sheds Light on a Feared Technical Indicator August 31, 2010 By Elliott Wave International On Aug. 12, volatile market action coincided with a technical signal called the Hindenburg Omen, whereby a relatively high number of new highs and lows in […]

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The Chicago Board Options Exchange publishes a daily report detailing open put vs. call option positions of traders.  Since this represents bets made on stock prices rising vs. falling in the near future, it’s an interesting gauge of sentiment. Today I pulled this data since 2004 from the CBOE’s website, and plotted the 200-day simple […]

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The following article was adapted from the November 2009 Elliott Wave Financial Forecast and reprinted with permission here. Steve Hochberg and Pete Kendall produce stellar analysis for Elliott Wave International – two of my favorite guys in the biz – here, they take a look at trading volume, and what it says about investor confidence. […]

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