The Quiet Success of Gold Stocks vs the S&P At-Large

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Casey Research’s Louis James takes a look at the performance of gold stocks over the past decade, and reaches a surprising conclusion that puts their recent underperformance in perspective… **** Gold Miners vs. the S&P: Surprising Conclusions by Louis James, Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist, Casey Research We often hear the claim that gold producers […]

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Last Friday, Agora Resource Investing panelist Matt Badiali commented that copper’s price performance has been quite strong in the face of economic headwinds from the US and Europe. Today Louis James, Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist for Casey Research, takes Dr. Copper’s temperature, concluding that caution may be warranted when looking at copper and […]

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Here’s an excerpt from the latest issue of Conversations with Casey – an absolutely must read that Doug Casey and his team publish every Wednesday. If you’re not yet a subscriber, I’d highly recommend it – it’s a free pub, so you can’t beat the price, and Doug definitely doesn’t pull any punches! *** (Conversations […]

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