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Here’s another interview with Rick Rule (also see his recent interview with Jim Puplava) – the subject of this one is heavily focused on junior resource miners, as he sits down with Louis James at the recent Casey Research Summit.  I always love his catchphrase that you’re either a contrarian or a victim. Rule likes […]

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Breakfast was easy this morning, as I continue to wipe plenty of egg off my face from my recent deflationary call on the markets. I moved my wife’s 401K stash from gold stocks into pure cash, as I thought gold was looking toppy and not acting well. Since that time, gold fell a bit, and […]

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Regular readers are often looking for ways to play gold and silver…after all, we figure with this historic printing of money, we’ve at least got a real shot at wild inflation. The safest way to play gold and silver is to buy the bullion itself. If the world melts down, you’ll be the envy of […]

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