10 Timeless Investing Rules From Wall Street Legend Bob Farrell

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It’s always helpful, and a good practice, to review investing and trading rules that guided the very best.  And Wall Street legend Bob Farrell of Merrill Lynch fame is certainly one of the very best of all-time. How about a guy who was pioneering in his use of technical analysis AND investor sentiment figures – […]

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So far so good on that short S&P 500 position we initiated Wednesday afternoon via the futures market.  We had a beautiful nosedive in equities yesterday – it was truly breathtaking, really – followed up by a somewhat muted rally that didn’t get going until late in today’s trading day. Heading into Thursday’s trading, the […]

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Despite what some investing talking heads may say, the financial world is not exempt from natural law. There’s a natural flow to the way the world works – and it absolutely carries over into investing. One common thread is change – things are either improving, or deteriorating, but they are almost never stagnant. Nature, after […]

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