Gold CAN Still Go Down; Trading Against Jim Rogers and Richard Russell; Worst Case Scenarios Already "Priced In"

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So Gold CAN Still Go Down, After All Last week was shaping up to be another banner one for gold, as the old relic kept on climbing, day after day…that is, until it stopped. Gold’s one-way rise experienced a sharp setback on Friday, dropping nearly $50 on the day, and over $60 in intraday measures. […]

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I think we’re at a key inflection point in the financial markets at this juncture. The direction that things head next could decide the winner, at least for the next few years, of the inflation vs. deflation battle. So I spent the morning revisiting and rereading many of my favorite arguments from both sides of […]

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On Friday I was having a discussion with my friend about inflation, speculating about what may happen to stock prices if inflation were to take hold. Both of us are big fans of Marc Faber, so we were discussing the scenario that Faber has been predicting – that if cash is about to become trash […]

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