CDS Inversion in Europe – Investors Favor Corporations Over France

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Here’s a nice find by guest author Eric Fry – and I have to give yet another hat tip to our European correspondent Dr. Evil, who predicted this a few months ago by saying the bailouts that would be needed by Spain and Italy would further weaken the French balance sheet – and ironically drive […]

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We’ve been watching the sovereign debt of Spain and Italy quite closely this year – and today, we saw the biggest fireworks yet. Our friend and correspondent Dr. Evil had astutely tipped us off to the significance of the debt on the balance sheets of Spain and Italy.  While the world focused on Greece, these […]

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Dave Rosenberg touched on the subject of Europe today in his daily missive: Ireland, Greece and Portugal are basically insolvent and we will probably find out in due course that while these countries are too big to fail, and Spain is too big to rescue – this saga is far from over. I thought this would be […]

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