So Far, We’ve Avoided Great Depression II – But at What Cost?

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Regular contributor Sy Harding takes a look at the measures the Fed and Federal Government have taken to avoid the second coming of the Great Depression – they’ve thrown everything at it, including the kitchen sink. And to give credit where credit is due, Bernanke & Co have (thus far, at least) been successful in […]

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Is the Fed Sorry It Promised QE2? October 11, 2010 by Sy Harding, Editor of the Street Smart Report The Fed has had stocks and gold spiking up since early September, and the dollar plunging, first on hints that it might consider providing another round of ‘quantitative easing’ if the economic recovery continued to worsen, and […]

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Guest article by Alex Daley, Senior Editor, Casey Research Talk of a double-dip recession is seemingly increasing these days. Home sales have dropped like a brick since the end of the special tax breaks for buyers. Weekly job reports are showing much larger rises in unemployment claims than previously expected by whoever it is that […]

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