11 Highly Rated Charities That Help Ukrainians

11 Highly Rated Charities That Help Ukrainians

Here are eleven highly rated charities that benefit Ukrainians. Our extra dividend dollars can go a long way towards helping the millions of people who are suffering as a result of the Russian invasion.

All eleven nonprofits have a four-star rating from CharityNavigator.org, an independent service that rates charities for their financial efficiency and their transparency.

From there, I (Brett) cherry picked the very top candidates based on their individual Financial and Accountability & Transparency rating from CN. I have donated to each of these charities myself. Here they are in alphabetical order.

  • A Chance in Life is preparing to help the 900,000 Ukrainian refugees (mostly women and children) that are expected to flee to Italy.
  • Alight is buying medical supplies like blood transfusion kits and wound dressings and transporting them from Poland into Ukraine to groups who are holed up in bomb shelters and hospitals.
  • Americares is on the ground in Poland providing health services for families who have been chased out of their homes in neighboring Ukraine.
  • Direct Relief has already sent more than 30 tons of medical aid to Ukraine since the country was invaded in late February.
  • Heart to Heart International is shipping medical aid to hospitals and clinics throughout Ukraine. They are also shipping hygiene kits to help refugees in the countries surrounding Ukraine.
  • MAP International is sending antibiotics, pain relievers, antiseptics and bandages into Ukraine.
  • Project C.U.R.E. is shipping emergency supplies like airway kits, sutures, gloves and surgical tools directly into Ukraine.
  • World Central Kitchen has already served one million meals (including hot, fresh food) to refugees in Ukraine itself as well as four neighboring countries. We have friends of friends who have volunteered with WCK. All personally vouched for this charity when we asked them.
  • World Vision is on the ground in Eastern Europe helping the children and families who have been forcibly displaced from their homes in Ukraine.

Action to Take: Please join me and our Contrarian Outlook colleagues and readers. Let’s donate some dividend coin to these eleven charities.

Weeks ago,  I watched a video of a seven-year-old Ukrainian girl (Amelia Anisovych) singing “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen in a bunker. My oldest girl is seven, her sister is four, their favorite movie is Frozen.

My girls sang that song countless times. Never in a bomb shelter… so sad to see. I kept thinking about her in the days ahead (as many others did, the video went viral and was widely watched.)

Then, a rare yet extremely welcome piece of good news. Amelia and her grandmother soon made it across the border to Poland. Heck, not good news, that was great news. Amazing news.

Well, Amelia didn’t stop there. She then sang the Ukrainian national anthem at a charity concert in Poland that raised $380,000.

Go Amelia! What a star she is.

I don’t know who funded Amelia’s successful journey into Poland, but they can send us the tab. If it’s covered, we’ll pick up the next one. Our dividend dollars will make a difference. Thank you for joining me in supporting these 11 charities.

Yours in donated dividend dollars,

Brett Owens
Chief Investment Strategist
Contrarian Income Report