Daily Pfennig: Eurozone Manufacturing Slumps

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Remember those crappy jobs numbers reported on Friday?  Well, they were even worse than reported when you peel the onion back.  Currency analysts Chris Gaffney and Chuck Butler take a look at the report from Friday… Jobs Data Push Speculators Out of the Market by Chris Gaffney, EverBank Good day, and welcome to another week. […]

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By Chuck Butler, EverBank After reaching a high of nearly $106 on Wednesday, the price of oil has hit the slippery slope (yay!) all the way down to $101.27 this morning. While it will take a while before this ride on the slippery slope is seen at the gas pump, if ever, the psychological feeling it […]

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By Chuck Butler, EverBank The euro (EUR) was removed from the boiling water this weekend, as the next phase of the bailout for Greece was approved… The reaction of the euro has been somewhat muted though, as most of the markets, being Pfennig readers, already saw the baby steps of stabilization going on, and priced in […]

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Nice scoop on the Australian dollar from our favorite currency analyst, Everbank’s Chuck Butler: And under the heading of “dirty float”… The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is reported to have sold the most A$’s in the month of May, since February 2004! Now, go back to May and recall the move in A$’s… The […]

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More good news for Australia’s economy – and the Australian dollar. This builds upon our review yesterday of the Australian dollar’s attractive prospects. The A$ is up $0.112 as I write, currently sitting at $0.7163. From Everbank’s Chuck Butler: Down Under… Australia saw Consumer Confidence rebound for the first time this year… Here’s the skinny… […]

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