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The oft quoted site says it all on the homepage – using pre-Clinton era CPI calculation methods, inflation is running north of 8%. This probably jives a bit better with your own personal observations of food and energy prices. Suddenly a 5% savings account doesn’t seem so great. Add in the depreciating dollar (down […]

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Calculated my ’07 return tonight, so thought I’d do the same for previous years just for the heck of it. The numbers are quite gaudy and I try not to get greedy and expect these every year, because it’s impossible. We’re in a historic bull market, so might as well enjoy is while it lasts. […]

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Hi, I’m Brett Owens – and I’m a financial junkie. My “problem” started incollege, when I got a little dose of the stock market – man, was I hooked…in no time, I was reading the Wall Street Journal religously.

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