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And stronger than ever! It’s been awhile since the last post – I freaked out when my account started to tank soon after I started this blog. But now I’m back testing the financial gods again. Won’t dwell on the past too much, but the account had dipped all the way down to $7K and […]

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Well after topping $.18/pound, the Oct ’06 sugar contract started dipping a bit. Then last Thursday, I was watching CNBC and they popped the one year chart of sugar up on the screen. I thought “Oh God, if they’re showing the chart of sugar up on CNBC, it is getting close to selling time.” After […]

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Here’s the portfolio as of the end of the day today. Couple of things worth noting today: 1. Bush is supposed to talk about ethanol in the State of the Union:http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/01/29/bush.sotu.ap/index.html The main way that the US produces ethanol is from corn. The corn usage for ethanol has tripled over the last 7 years and […]

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Brief bit on sugar in today’s Daily Reckoning, a free financial newsletter that I read regularly. The authors are basically angry old men who think America is going down the tubes. They do have very good insights though and I read it for their contrarian views and sense of humor. You can check it out […]

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Yes it’s true, that classic 80’s/drinking anthem has taken on a new dimension with the rally of sugar. How did it happen, and why did it take nearly 20 years after Def Leppard’s peak? Let’s explore. First I should say that in my analysis, I rarely crunch serious numbers. Part (and maybe most) of the […]

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The Commodity Bull is off and running…either get behind it or get run over! This site is intended to be a place for the average investor to gain some information about the commodities market, and most importantly hopefully make a lot of money. I believe that we are still in the early innings of a […]

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Hi, I’m Brett Owens – and I’m a financial junkie. My “problem” started incollege, when I got a little dose of the stock market – man, was I hooked…in no time, I was reading the Wall Street Journal religously.

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